Crushed Hand Healed

Celia, 32, came to me asking for prayer for her right hand, which had been crushed at the wrist by a heavy object three months earlier. She said that she worked in a kitchen, where she needed both hands to function. There were two large scars on the back of her hand.

I asked if she had surgery. Celia replied that she had no surgery – that the scars were the result of her injury. While holding her hand and wrist, I prayed that the damage be reversed and all pain and

Inflammations leave in Jesus’ name. Tears began to flow down Celia’s face. Celia tested her hand, closing and opening it repeatedly. Celia had been unable to close her hand since the injury occurred. I then prayed for strength to be restored to the hand in Jesus’ name. Celia wept and thanked me as she tested her hand. She said it was completely healed and much stronger. I reminded Celia that it was Jesus who healed her. We praised Jesus! She hugged me tightly and went on her way, her right hand restored to full function. Praise the Lord Jesus! – Stephanie, Homemaker and Prayer Leader

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