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Cyst on Back Dissolves!

A man named Junior had a cyst in his back.  Steve and I both tag-teamed praying for him.  Every time we prayed he felt more and more heat on his cyst.  

After three times praying for him, he actually said, “That’s good enough, the Lord is going to finish the healing, you guys don’t need to keep praying.”  He said that as he winced in pain because it burned so bad.  So I told him we would just pray one more time.  As we started to pray, he literally fell straight back and we barely caught him since we didn’t expect that to happen at all!  He laid there like a dead man for about 20-30 seconds, suddenly opened his eyes, sat up, checked the cyst on his back, and got a huge smile on his face.  The cyst was completely gone and the skin was totally smooth!  No more wincing or burning! – Daniel and Steve
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