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Cysts on Chest Disappear

At St Paul’s in Addlestone, England, I was approached by Jenny who proceeded to tell me what the Lord had done. She shared that I had prayed for her on Sunday, April 22, but I didn’t remember what she needed prayer for. She told me for years she had cysts across her chest area and periodically one would need to be removed surgically. This had been a recurring experience for her until Sunday when I had asked her to put her hands on her chest. Sometime between the time I prayed and when she approached me tonight, all cysts had disappeared. They were totally gone. She was overjoyed!

When I prayed on Sunday, it seemed odd, but all I remember asking her to do was place her hands on her chest and I laid my hand on hers. My thought was that there was no reason to do this since a woman earlier requested prayer for bronchitis, not Jenny. I thought I was doing something I shouldn’t because her original request had nothing to do with her lungs or chest, but I prayed for her chest area and lungs to be healed. I had totally forgotten about the incident until Jenny talked to me tonight.

I admitted I had no idea why I had her place her hands on her chest, but God did! I learned being obedient even when it makes no sense to me is so important. He knew exactly what she needed. I am so thankful I spoke what God was saying to me and He did the work. – Mary, Retired

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