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Deaf Ear Opens!

During tonight’s service I was approached by a man and a woman asking me to pray for the man’s right ear. They said he had no hearing at all in his ear. I asked his name and he said, “Emerson”. I laid my hands on his ear and prayed to God to open his ear, speaking directly to it. 

I assisted lowering him to the floor as he began to fall to the floor. I pointed to Mia and told her  to come and continue to pray over him while we both stood there. After a while I went back into the line to pray, I turned to Maegan, who was on my team, and said that God is going to open his ear. When he got up he testified that his ear was 100% healed. I tested him by whispering “hallelujah” and “Jesus” in his ear. He repeated everything I asked Meagan to record his testimony as I brought him to the stage. – Rick, Pastor

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