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Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth, Woman Is Healed & Hears!

Tonight in Bristol, England we had just finished calling out Words of Knowledge and people were coming up for prayer after the service. A young woman came up in my line to ask for prayer. After some general small talk and loving on her a bit, I asked what she needed prayer for. She shared with me she had been deaf in her right ear all her life.

After asking more questions, it was revealed that her ear tube in her right ear had never fully developed. She had been born pre-maturely and was only able to hear muffled sounds in her right ear, but in her left ear she had 100% hearing. I began praying and commanded the spirit of trauma she had encountered in the womb and spirit of trauma of the C-section to leave in the name of Jesus. I also commanded any other spirits who may have latched on to the spirit of trauma to leave in the name of Jesus and never to return. I then commanded her tubes to fully develop and commanded the ear to open and be restored 100% in Jesus name. A look of surprise came on her face and I asked her what was happening and she said she felt something pop. She felt heat and felt movement in her ear. I then turned my head away from her so she was unable to read my lips and whispered a few things and asked her to repeat them back to me. She said for the first time in her life she was able to hear out of that ear! I asked her from a percentage standpoint where she thought she was with total restoration of her ear and she immediately said 100%!!! God is so good! – Kam

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