Deaf & Mute From Birth, 59-year-old Woman Hears & Begins to Speak!

After praying for two people, I went looking for more persons with my Interpreter. A young man in his early 20’s and an older lady came up to us and said that the lady was deaf in both ears from birth and could not speak.

Quietly I whispered a prayer thanking Jesus for this opportunity for an upgrade, and believing that we would have complete healing. The lady’s name was Isabella, and the young man was her nephew-in-law. I prayed for Isabella’s ear to open and for a creative miracle to take place. I commanded the ear to open but it did not. I tried to interview some more but the young man did not have any answers. So he got Isabella’s niece. She informed us that the problem ran in the family. Isabella’s brother was deaf and dumb and her sister was partially deaf. I prayed again, breaking generational curses and commanded the ears to be opened and functional. We tested. No change. When we asked about occult or spiritist involvement, we were told that the family was involved with Macumba and the sister practiced “good” Macumba.

The question now was how to get a person, mute from birth, to ask forgiveness for her and her parents’ involvement with and to renounce any covenant ties made to Macumba. Fortunately, Isabella could read lips. I led in a prayer of confession and renunciation, which was repeated by the interpreter. Then by the niece repeated everything to Isabella who read the niece’s lips and she nodded her head in agreement. After this was done, I again prayed a prayer renouncing any former claims, declaring them satisfied in the cross and commanding the ears to be opened. It was a joy to see the smile light up her face as the Lord Jesus opened her ears and she started to hear. We then tested. She heard the snapping of our fingers. Her nephew went behind and from different angles called her name at a low pitch. Then she looked in that direction and found him.

Since she had never heard voices before, she could not speak words. However, she began to repeat sounds made by her nephew and confirmed that she could hear the number of snaps of the finger by her ears. She now has to learn to interpret sounds and put them into words. We praised Jesus.

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