December Brazil Trip Report

     Ninety-eight of us, from seven different countries, gathered for Global Awakening’s initial impartation on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 4 at the Hotel San Diego Suites in Belo Horizonte.  During the next five days, we would spread out in groups (large and small) with the intention of impacting Brazil for the Kingdom of God.  The leadership focused on three different Baptist churches, ranging in size from 500 to 1,300 people.  Randy Clark, Rodney Hogue, Blaine Cook, Justin Allen, and Marcus Dygert stirred us up with messages about the healing power of Jesus, the declaration that the Kingdom of God is here, and the way to spiritual freedom through deliverance. During the week 23,000 people were in attendance at these revival meetings.  The Lord blessed the team by allowing us to witness a total of 3,000 healings. 

     It was a thrilling week, in which each of us was used by Father God to bring healing and impartation to these special Brazilian people. Throughout the week, team members interacted with each other in equally divine ways, praying and prophesying over each as the Spirit directed.  The Global Awakening leadership wrapped the week up with an impartation event, during which the Holy Spirit fell on us powerfully, sealing each of us with gifts from the Father that, now, we urgently desire to share in our communities.

     Three of my personal experiences (which are representative of what does happen on these trips) are as follows: 

          (1)  A sixty-year-old woman, scheduled to have eye surgery the following week because she had a blind left eye for the last 50 years, received complete vision and was overjoyed. 

          (2) A 19-year-old paraplegic girl (Jennifer) was prayed over two different nights by team members, in which we asked Holy Spirit for restoration to her legs.  We yearned for her to get up and walk.  The Lord did not do that healing in my presence.  But she received three things far more important than ambulation:  Jennifer was given a download of the Father’s Love, and the challenge to proceed with God’s authority for healing of her body. Also she learned the importance of reading and declaring the Word.

          (3) Following Randy’s message on impartation, I, along with the rest of the team, climbed through the crowd, row by row up into the “bleachers” imparting God’s Love and Power to any person who was being visibly touched by the Holy Spirit. As the Spirit activated each of the 40 or more people I prayed for over just 20 minutes, I saw a wave of spiritual anointing flowing around us.  This same wave swept the whole sanctuary through the hands and hearts of the team. A team member described these movements of the Spirit as “rocket fuel on steroids.”

     Team members used certain phrases to describe this week in their lives:  

          “It was like a pickle factory: I came in as a cucumber and left as a pickle, marinated and changed forever by the Holy Spirit’s power and love.”

          “The experiences were like being in a sandbox, playing with the Holy Spirit. God said I could take risks, and see His power shape lives.”

          “I grew in knowing that I was not anything more than a mere man, no different from anyone else, but I served a Great God who worked miracles through me.”

          “I learned to impart the ‘velvet brick’ — the Presence, Power and Compassion of God — to His beloved people.”

          “I experienced more healings through my hands in one night than I have done in the five years since I was converted.”

          “I experienced God’s glory taking form in me, to bless others.”

     The name of our city is Belo Horizonte, which means Beautiful Horizon.  We would all agree that we looked straight ahead to the horizon and saw the glory of God.  During that week, heaven touched earth.  The heavens opened up and we were given access to the resources of the Kingdom of God.  The Lord had positioned us to bring Jesus’ Kingdom down to Belo Horizonte by our kicking off people’s diseases, demons, and despair. And we all participated in exchanging the old for the newly-claimed redeeming power and love of Jesus. Praise Jesus!

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