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December Brazil

“I want to go to Brazil” My wife replies, “You want to go in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?” It doesn’t sound rational but I’m thinking “this is the best time to go, isn’t Jesus found in the midst of the storm? Besides it’s Christmas time, I need to get my present!”

I wasn’t alone there were twenty-nine other nuts going along for the same ride.

Nothing could keep this crew from taking flight, not even a level four (do not travel) advisory. All previous trips with Global were cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions.

I believe they saved the best for last.

After landing in São Paulo from various airports we joined Pat Bock and his team on a tour bus to Londrina, Brazil. Once settled in at the hotel, we gathered in a conference room for an impartation from Rodney Hogue and William Wood, where they imparted boldness and courage. The original plans were changed multiple times due to lockdown and curfew orders, we would now minister in and around the city of Londrina, however the morning teaching sessions were cancelled and we would instead be doing ministry on the streets.

Although my fourth trip to Brazil, the conditions drastically changed. All of us employed the mask and hand sanitizing recommendations while outdoors or in close contact with others. The morning “treasure hunts” involved gathering with two other team members and an interpreter, praying and asking the Lord for words of knowledge then going out on the street to discover the treasure. Our hotel was in the city center, so heading to the market place meant walking around the corner.

Each day amazing healings, deliverances and salvations were taking place by the team members. The America’s were so popular it wasn’t long before they approached us and asked “can you pray for me?” The encounters on the street were significant and moved each of us out of our comfort zones. Prophecy bubbled out with well timed words that “hit the mark.” The highlight of these hunts was seeing the spiritual gifts come alive in each of my team mates as people were healed many times instantaneously.

During the evening, the group broken into three separate teams would join either Rodney or William for the night session at a local church. We attended a Four Square (the worship, incredible), Presbyterian (tongue talkers) and non-denominational churches. The staff were gracious and welcoming, power encounters, impartations and those getting blasted were common. All the typical stuff you’d expect on a missions trip to Brazil. The highlight to me were the opportunities to serve others, sharing our faith stories, stealing a few impartations and passing on what we received.

The totals of this trip: attendance: 1320; physical healings: 309; sovereign: 99; emotional: 292; salvations: 43; re-dedications: 23; blasted: 93; deaf: 2: tumors: 12; lame: 2. 

May the Lord be praised forever!  

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