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Degenerative Eye Condition Healed

It was toward the end of the meeting at Gravidade Zero Church. I thought I was done praying for people. A young woman named Priscilla from the church started talking to me. While we were talking several people came up and asked if I would pray for various things for them or for people they brought to me. 

It was things like their family coming to faith or blessings on their marriage or just whatever the Lord led me to pray, but nothing for healing. Priscilla then asked me to pray for her. She said she had a degenerative condition in her eyes and was told she would lose her vision. I prayed and spoke healing and that God would put back in order anything that was not working properly regarding her vision. She kind of collapsed forward on me and was crying. I prayed for a while longer and then asked if she could tell if anything changed. She took off her glasses and looked around and said it was the same. So I asked if I could pray again. I prayed in a prayer language for a while and just asked Holy Spirit to come and restore her vision and cancelled any plans the enemy had against her in Jesus name. She collapsed forward on me again and was crying again. After a while I asked her to see how her vision was and she looked ecstatic. She said it was not blurry anymore and it was fine. We jumped up and down and clapped and smiled and thanked Jesus a lot.

I saw Priscilla again the next day. She said her vision was still clear. She went forward when the call to be a revivalist in her city was given. I really sensed an anointing and calling on her life. It was a great joy and privilege to pray for her. – Gayle, Retired

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