Deliverance Brings Confidence in Knowing Identity

During ministry time Wednesday in the morning, one of the translators, Maria, ask me to go into the room in the back to do deliverance. When I got there I sat down next to the girl who wanted deliverance and asked her what was going on.

She said she had a history in the past with witchcraft and the occult. She was also afflicted with depression and suicidal thoughts and was even hearing voices. She also said that she had been prayed for before but for whatever reason it did not help.  She said she already had broken agreement with witchcraft, but I was able to discern by God’s grace that she needed to break agreements all with witchcraft and spirit of witchcraft.   I also discerned that she needed to break agreements with fear and self-pity. After that I started to pray for her and started inviting the Holy Spirit to come. As I felt the Holy Spirit come into the room, the demons started manifesting.  I then began to command them to leave and to go.  This process took about ten minutes because there was more than one demon trying to hold on. I addressed the demons and told them they were not allowed to embarrass her in any way.  After some time, it appeared the demons left, I ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill her.  I had her repeat after me and ask Holy Spirit to fill any voids left by the demons. I laid hands on her to release the Holy Spirit onto and into her.  After that I began to address her mindsets that I discerned and identified when she was telling me what was going on before prayer.  I had her break partnership with self-pity and with fear as coping mechanisms to deal with pain.  I then told her to invite the Holy Spirit to be her Comforter in place of those coping mechanisms.  I also had her invite Holy Spirit into every place of her heart, even the places that she may feel ashamed of or that seem “dark”.  

As we are going through this process with God, the enemy started speaking to her again and, as she told it, laughing at what we’re doing.  I could tell that she was becoming afraid again.  She asked why it was able to happen again.  I could see on her face self-pity and fear.  I told her the enemy was a liar and I explained to her that the enemy wanted a way back in. He was trying to use fear, intimidation and self-pity to try to convince her that she was powerless against what the enemy was doing to her.  I reassured her reminding what Jesus had done for her on the cross. She was empowered by the Holy Spirit to have freedom and self-control. She now held all the power over what she thought and what feelings she embraced.  I told her that the enemy’s way back in was for her to agree with the enemy was saying that “she again was powerless.” I explained that agreement with the enemy often manifests in the form of fear and self-pity. I told her she did not have to agree with fear and self-pity any longer.  She now held all the power over what she wanted to think and feel.

I also started to talk to her about how the enemy can plant thoughts and feelings on her but they are not from her. I again affirmed she had complete power over what she wanted to think and what feelings she entertained.  Basically I was saying that she did not have to take ownership of those thoughts and feelings.  I told her that when the enemy came to harass and intimidate, she no longer had to listen to anything the enemy said.

I felt led to change the subject and started affirming her in her identity in Christ.  I explained how she was a daughter of God and the royalty of heaven, that before man she was a servant, but before the enemy she was royalty. The enemy must submit to the God in her and on her in the name of Jesus.  I talked a little bit about not trying to resist the devil on her own but instead submit to God in relationship, then resist the devil and he will flee.  I could tell she was starting to believe the truth because her entire countenance changed.  She now looked confident and happy. I explained a little bit about having a relationship with God and then imparted to her hunger for relationship with God.  She thanked me and the session with her was over.

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