Deliverance From a Spirit of Suicide

In the morning session, Randy called upon the congregants who had never received a word of knowledge previously. The Global team was called to coach these people. I connected with a young man who gave a word of knowledge that there was dizziness in people. Five people came to him for prayer. The first lady was the main focus. She had a long history of trauma with two husbands dying. The husband’s mothers or other family members had involvement with occult activities. This woman was suffering from severe panic attacks and didn’t leave her house much. She would wake up with severe shortness of breath. Not only her, but three daughters and two sons suffered from similar symptoms.  We prayed for her and she experienced some relief from panic and symptoms. She came that night bringing her daughter with her who had panic attacks, who would over eat food, and had many thoughts of suicide. I met them before the service and encouraged them that the Lord had the answer and would help them.

Rodney Hogue was teaching that night on how a person enters into bondage. We led the daughter in a prayer of repentance for opening the door to death and suicide. They had already prayed the prayers with Rodney to break the covenants with people who spoke curses into them. The daughter repented and began to gag and choke. She was experiencing deliverance. Then peace came upon her. She began to laugh with joy and with a little encouragement; she received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. What a difference on her countenance. Her mom received more ministry and was so happy for the daughter.

Russell E, Pastor

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