Global Awakening

Deliverance in the Midst

After Blaine’s message at Batiste Central, a woman toward the back center of the church began “manifesting” to the point it was becoming disruptive. A few of us began moving toward her and tag-teamed.  We discerned that it was a rebellious spirit with anger issues. We circled her and said, “In Jesus Name, silencio — be silent.”  We repeated the words, “In Jesus Name” three times. Each time she would stomp her foot in anger and make a noise in frustration. At one point, the demonic spirit talked back.  Then, we bound the spirit of rebellion and kept commanding the spirit to submit to the Name and Person of Jesus Christ. Then we cast it out.

In a few minutes, she was calm.  We spoke “peace” and asked her questions regarding her salvation and she stated that Jesus was her Lord.  However, there were some other issues.  We continued to speak Peace and asked Holy Spirit to fill her.  When we left, she was peaceable and settled.

She received deliverance.  She will need follow-up care to continue to walk in freedom.

Lee W, Pauletta H, Mike F

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