Deliverance Transforms Man Body, Soul & Spirit

When we had our meeting tonight, it was the best meeting so far. There was so much joy and about 30 little children were in the front dancing.

The pastor said that it was the first time the kids had danced in worship because they were usually in the back yelling and distracting people. The service was amazing and the team was awesome in ministry. Two people received Jesus who had been in witchcraft. I started praying for the man and he walked up on the stage. While everybody else was praying for impartation, the pastor, our translator and I were praying the man. I kept praying and just loving him. He was pointing to his hand which was swollen and in pain. I believed this was from witchcraft. We were praying and he kept trying to close his hand that was bound up. Finally, bam! He could close it and the pain left. He started opening and closing his hand. All pain was gone! Freedom in Jesus name! He came in drunk from alcohol but the end the night he was worshipping Jesus and filled with the wine heaven.

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