Demonic Spirit Leaves along with Migraines

A woman named Elise came for prayer for headaches. I had the interpreter ask how long she’d had this condition of migraines. She had it now and gets them every time she comes to church. I told her it was a demon and that we were going to pray it off. I commanded the spirit of headache to go in the authority of the name of Jesus. I had placed my left hand on her neck and right hand on her heart. When I asked her if it had gotten better, she said no. I commanded the demon to go in Portuguese in the name of Jesus! I asked her if she was better and she smiled. It was totally gone! I had the interpreter ask if she could feel heat or anything in her body as my hands were hotter than normal- like fire. She said, “yes, yes on my neck and heart!!!” Gloria a Deus.

Cathy T, Business Owner

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