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Depression Leaves Young Woman After Several Prayers

In the line was a young girl about mid-to-late twenties, who came up asking for prayer when we were praying for healing. She wanted prayer because she said she was suffering from depression. I found out later that she had depression for three years. 

After I prayed once she said it went away and came back when I stopped. So we tried again. After I prayed a second time we got the same result. I grabbed Bethany because she was not praying for anyone. I filled her in with the prayer needed for the young lady. So the two of us started praying and got an interpreter. At this time she said that she could then feel a presence in her abdomen. When we prayed, that presence would tug upwards as if trying to get out. So after praying a couple more times, she said it was slowly coming upward. We prayed about five more times together. Kari came towards the end to help pray. As the presence was coming up, Kari told the interpreter to tell her to command the depression to go. After praying a couple more times, the presence kept leaving until she finally said she did not feel the depression in her stomach or her head anymore. – Cora, Bethany and Karianna, Students

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