Detached Retina Repaired!

I was praying for people when all of a sudden this guy came up to the front of my line and told the translator that Tom (GSSM Student) had told him to come get prayer from me. I asked what was wrong and all he said was he wants prayer for his eye. 

I started to pray for his eye and he said it was better. Well after the third time I prayed he said it was much, much better and said it was 95% better. I thought it was awesome, gave him a hug, and his whole family around him was crying. When I got to the place we were having snacks, Tom came up to me and asked if I had prayed for the guy he had sent to me and how it went. I told him the guy’s eye was healed. He said that the Lord told him to send him over to me. Tom then told me the guy had a detached retina. He got his sight back. I’m so thankful God used me to help this man. Praise Jesus! – Colleen

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