Diabetes Complications Healed Through Prayer

We walked down the street and saw a man with a walker. This man had diabetes and had no feeling in his hands. He had neuropathy. 

He also had pain in his knees that was like fire and he had a metal plate in his hip that caused pain. We began to pray and he began to feel tingling in his hand. We blessed what was happening and asked for more. After a minute or so he regained total feeling in his hands. The man also some emotional healing because his son had been killed about three years ago. The man had not been to church since. He forgave the man who killed his son and then we prayed for his knees. As we were praying he felt something “Fresh” (his word) poured over his knees and the pain left. So we asked him if he would try getting up and walking. He got up and was crying about what God was doing. The he said there was a little pain in his hip. We commanded it to go. When we finished praying within seconds he said, “It’s gone!” He began to walk and the joy and excitement on this man’s face was amazing. He started saying, “There’s no pain,” and was so happy that he was able to walk without pain. He was able to lift his legs higher than before. Praise Jesus!

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