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Dramatic Healing of Brain Lesion & Chemo Side Effects Manifests

A woman came asking for prayer for the residual brain tumor to disappear, osteoporosis mainly in her back and all joint pain from the effect chemo drugs. Six months ago she had a brain lesion removed through her sinus, but the surgeon was unable to remove it all because its location in the frontal lobe of the brain.

He removed what he could and placed her on chemo. The drugs were causing her bones to become brittle. I commanded the brain tumor to go in the name of Jesus. I commanded complete restoration of all tissue, cells, bones, and bone marrow in Jesus name. She started to feel heat in her head, so I asked for more Lord.  Drainage started to come from nose, very gray in color and not a normal nasal discharge.  The power of God came on her. We put her on her side on the floor. Drainage kept going for about 10 minutes. I put my hands up and down her spine speaking complete restoration. When she was able, she told us it felt like her head had been flushed with warm liquid and her back was on fire. She was able to bend and turn without pain. We praised and thanked Jesus for her healing.
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