Dream Brings Healing of Heart and Emotions

On the third night of our trip I had a dream. It came with four distinct impressions: The first one was a picture of a woman’s hand with a circular ring. It was a beautiful aquamarine stone surrounded by diamonds. I felt it had a piece taken out of it. Within the dream I thought “my sister” but in my dream I knew that none of my four sisters owned that kind of ring. The second impression in the dream was of a woman in a red dress. It was burgundy and flowing and at least 3/4 length. In the dream I thought “my mother” but my mother never had such a dress, and the person seemed taller. The third impression was of two sand pails, the kind kids take to the beach, yellow in color, one slightly bigger than the other. There was food in the pails but the feeling was that the food was not good any more, it was spoiled. The fourth impression was a dark room in a house. The rest of the house lay behind me and felt dark and cold. The room I was in had a broom in it and I could see the rectangle of the open doorway to the outside. It was bright and sunny out there for sure.

I was not sure whether the four parts of the dream were about one or four different people. So when we had to give testimonies that night (Sunday at King’s Arms), I decided I would just give out the vision about the ring and see what happened. To my surprise one of our team members literally jumped off the floor when I spoke, and because we were all giving out words she could not talk to me at the time. But after a few minutes she just came and quickly said “I must talk to you later.” I knew the vision was for her.

When we finally spoke she told me she owned that ring, that she had bought it a year earlier when she had gotten a divorce settlement, and that she had bought it saying to Jesus “You are my husband now and I rely on you only.” She also told me that it had always been a little too big and the week before the conference she had taken it to the jeweler to take a piece out to make it the right size. She got the ring back the day before the conference but left it at home. I then asked did she have a red dress, and gave her the description and she told me that she did and had just worn it recently to a wedding. It then all came clear to me: My mother’s name is Helen and so is this lady’s. The impression “My sister, my mother” was really for my sister Helen with the blue ring and the red dress.

I then asked her about the spoiled food in the pails: It turns out she and her husband had a restaurant business together but all was spoiled by the divorce. The pails represented them, their relationship and business.

Then I asked her about the dark house and the broom and she said that she has been cleaning out her house of all the memories of her married life since the divorce and was just about done. I was then able to tell her that God had brighter things for her future, the bright doorway to the outside! She was really sobbing by then and we had a real great prayer time for healing of her heart and emotions. Her emotions had been in such turmoil for so long. She was so thankful that the Lord really knew about her and her life and cared enough to reveal all the details to me. What a blessing! – Ann, Retired

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