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Dream Brings Hope to a Couple for Their Son

I had a dream. It was kind of hard to figure out. I could see these tiles with letters on them, one letter on each tile but every time I thought I saw the full word it got jumbled again. I kept trying to make out the word until I decided it must be a family name that sounded like Baronhart or Baronhardt.  Then I saw a desk with papers on it and the impression that it had to do with family relationship, something about a boy or maybe possibly two, and not being sure how to deal with the relationship.

I was unsure about it all, it seemed stressful to me to figure it out, so I put it aside and decided to keep it to myself. That night at the Upper Room Church, Pastor Alan Hawkins said “We’ll just have six or seven words of knowledge tonight” and people went ahead with their word and I kept mine. Then a while later he said “There is at least one other word.” So out of obedience I went ahead and gave the name that I had seen in the dream. As I finished saying it, my spirit said “It really sounds like ‘barren heart’ but I did not say that, I kept it to myself. No-one came forward for ten minutes and I figured I had totally missed it that time. But then this couple suddenly appeared before me and the lady, Anna was her name, looked straight at me and said “I think what you are saying is ‘barren heart, barren heart.’ We have been praying for our son with these exact words. He has a barren heart, a hollow heart.” I described the rest of my dream. They then explained to me that the table and the papers described the fact that they adopted their son ten years previous when he was nine and had to sign all kinds of papers, and that their relationship was in shambles because he was rejecting them and had become physically violent. Then the Lord really ministered to them through me, words came flowing out like I’ve never been able to pray so easily before. I was amazed. I kept praying and praying and praying and they were receiving it all. There was much healing done in their heart and they really felt that God was going to solve that problem easily. What joy that was!  – Ann, Retired

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