Dream of Son’s Healing Builds Faith

Looking for people that needed prayer I passed by a woman sitting in a chair with tears in her eyes. I smiled at her and intended to pray for her. She started to talk to me in Portuguese. 

I didn’t understand very much, but (understood sufficient) that she had said something about seeing me in a dream. I searched for a translator and couldn’t find anybody so I prayed for the lady. A little later she brought her young son, about 4, to be prayed for. I finished praying for him and prayed to find a translator, which took some time. Finally I found one. The lady said that three days ago she saw me (same hair, smile…) in a dream. In the dream I was telling her about the brain tumor her son had and that doctors sometimes don’t have the ability to help but that God does. She said that her little son’s brain tumor had gotten better but never disappeared completely. But since I (exactly the person that had spoken in the dream) had walked up to her, she knew that God would heal her son completely.

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