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Dreams and Visions Meet Reality

On three separate occasions at two of the churches, a few Brazilians came to me and said that they had a vision or a dream with me in it before we arrived in Brazil and that when they saw me, they recognized that I was the woman in the dream.

On 12/6 at Igreja Batista de Contagem, when leaving to get to the bus, a woman stopped me and signaled me to wait while she got a translator.  She explained to the translator that she had a dream that there was a room with a world globe where missionaries were and she was in the room with me and several others with her.  As she explained the setting of the room, I asked the translator to ask her if she had a desire to be a missionary, and she said yes!  I then explained that she had no way of knowing this, but I was an Instructor for the U.S. Center for World Mission and had served in missions since 2001. As I took her hand in my right hand, her friend walked by and took my left hand and shook her head yes repeatedly. I asked them their names which were Priscilla (the dreamer) and Sarah (her friend).  I prayed and said, “I pray for you both to have the heart of a missionary and love for the people; and connect you into this vision that has now become a reality.”  Both of them went down in the Spirit and while they were down, I prophesied that Priscilla would walk in her calling as a missionary, be a teacher of God’s Word and finance other missionaries just as Priscilla did for the Apostle Paul. I prophesied that Sarah would live up to her name as “mother of the nations” as it states in the Bible. They both had a powerful encounter with God and cried out to the Lord in tears and then began bowing down and worshiping Him.  The translator and all of us, including me, and a few others standing by could barely believe what had happened in this “kairos” moment.

On 12/7 in the morning at Batista da Paz, a man shared that he was abandoned by his mother at birth.  When he saw me he envisioned the mother that he never had and said that he sees himself as a son to me.  After he shared that, with a translator’s assistance, I prayed blessings over him and heard the Holy Spirit say that he had a spirit like Daniel in the Bible and would stand strong and do great exploits for God.  I prayed that and “Mas Senor” more power (poder) and more peace (paz).

One morning at Batista da Paz, a young woman who was a translator came to me and said that she had been looking for a woman who had on floral pants. She had an earlier vision of them and when she saw me, she said, “you are that woman.”  I had on pants with flowers on them that day.  She said the woman in her vision was pouring into people more and more and that God was also pouring back into me so very much and to expect more.  She was glad to find me from the vision.  I asked her what she desired and it was for more of God so I used the time to pour into her, and asked Holy Spirit to overflow and overshadow her. Then I spoke blessings over her life.

Pauletta H, Energy Consultant

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