Effects of Stroke Healed After Two Years

I prayed for Mete, an older woman who had a brain hemorrhage and stroke affecting the left side of her body. She had not been able to walk for 2 years and was using crutches. Her daughter was with her.

When Jussaria and I prayed for her initially, we did not know the details. I prayed for the muscles of her arms and legs and for strength to be restored in her body. She has a smile on her face the whole time so I did not know what was happening. Then she told her daughter she wanted to walk. We helped her up and she started talking small steps. She took about 20 steps and wanted to keep walking! When we got translator, and asked how she felt she said she felt good. There was no pain. She had not walked unassisted at all since she had the stroke 2 years ago! She was very happy and hugged us. Her daughter was also rejoicing and thanking God. God is awesome!

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