Eighteen Years of Stuttering Healed!

A young guy came to me with his girlfriend asking for prayer. I asked him what he would like prayer for. Initially he said, “Everything.” I asked him to be specific. He said that he stuttered and he would like prayer for it. 

I continued to ask him questions and found out that he had stuttered for 18 years and it had started when he was 8 year s old when his parents divorced. I asked him if he had forgiven his parents and he said that he could not remember how he felt. However he agreed to pray and forgive them for that traumatic time in his life. After he prayed I commanded the spirit of rejection, insecurity and loneliness to get out. I then started to pray for the Holy Spirit to come and baptize him and let him feel how much Jesus loved him. He started to shake and fell to the floor. He lay there for a bit and then when he got up he was so excited and happy. I asked him if the stuttering had been healed, he indicated yes but he was quiet and then all of a sudden mentioned something in English. I have no clue whether he could speak English before. But he said when he went back to Portuguese that he felt so free. He could not keep the smile off his face and “hi-fived” me a couple of times. When he walked out, he was bouncing like he was walking on air. – Gimyana 
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