Elderly Woman’s Knees, Hip, and Ears Healed Quickly

An elderly woman came forward to get prayer for her knees. They hurt and she almost couldn’t bend them, so Stephanie and I both prayed for one knee. Her pain went from a 6 to a 4. We prayed two more times, and the pain was gone and she had full range of motion. Then we prayed for her hip which was hurting on the left side. We cast out a spirit of affliction, and the pain was instantly gone. After that she suddenly said that she couldn’t hear and took both of her hearing aids out. Stephanie and I each prayed for one ear for about 30 seconds. We snapped our fingers to find out if her ears were any better. She got tears in her eyes and joy came over her as she told us that she now can hear 100%.    – Julien, IT Consultant & Stephanie, Manager

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