Elderly Woman Sovereignly Healed

A woman approached me and we hugged each other. She kept repeating over and over the words “I love you. I love you. I love you”. I said I love you also and held her for quite a long time. 

She was elderly and walked with a cane and shuffled. She begun to fall out in the Spirit so a couple of younger girls helped me lay her down. She had a smile on her face and laid peacefully for quite a while. When she wanted to get up, the girls helped her up. They handed her the cane, and she let it drop. Then she looked at me and kept saying, “I love you” and started to dance! So I danced with her and hugged her and praised Jesus.

Later the Holy Spirit showed me that she did not love me, she saw Jesus in me and was adoring Him. And He healed her sovereignly. I did not pray for her healing! The realisation that she saw Him thru me was beautifully humbling and to me was a miracle as equal to the healing she received. – Laurie

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