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Eleven Healed of Back Pain, Three Stand Out!

I got a word of knowledge about lower back pain. I had 11 people in my line and they all got 100% fully healed! There were three prominent ones.

A girl who was about 16 said the two bottom vertebrae didn’t connect properly. They were stacked off-center and it caused lots of pain. I prayed for her once and asked if she felt anything, and she said it was really hot but she still had pain. I prayed for her again and she said it got even hotter but there was still pain. The third time I prayed the pain left 100%.

Another person was a guy who stood in the audience when I gave the word of knowledge and when he stood I got a picture in my mind of me giving him a hug and him getting healed by that; when he came up for prayer I told him that I felt God wanted me to hug him for him to receive his healing. He allowed me to hug him, so I hugged him and just kept praying “mais amore” and after I said that his pain was 100% gone. 

The last one was a man who had back surgery two months ago. He had a metal rod in his back with six bolts. He said he was like a robot because he had zero mobility in his spine so he couldn’t bend over at all. I told him that as I pray I want you to stand straight then try to bend down and reach down and keep repeating that. I prayed for him about six times and each time he was able to reach down to his mid shin. He gained back all of the mobility back and all the pain was gone! Afterwards he told us he was so happy because before he couldn’t bend over to wash himself in the shower but now he was able to. – No known author

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