Emotional and Shoulder Healing

A young woman came forward and the despair upon her face was palpable.  She related through the translator that she experienced pain when having relations with her husband.  She had been to doctors but they could not find anything wrong with her physically.  As a result, her marriage was suffering.

A middle aged man came forward and pointed to his shoulder.  He pulled his shirt down to reveal the opposite shoulder which had a huge scar across it.  It seemed he was telling me that he was in pain in the left shoulder and was facing a similar surgery as the right shoulder.  I began to pray that the ligaments and tendons be strengthened to hold the shoulder in place in the socket.  He must have understood because his face lit up and he held his hand straight up in front of him.  I thought this meant that he was receiving a measure of healing and continued to pray.  A translator appeared and he told me that he had not been able to lift his arm that high before. We encouraged him to try to lift it even higher.  He shot him arm above his head and looked tremendously surprised.  He laughed as he began to twirl his arm like a windmill around and around.  I thought if he kept that up, we might have to pray for another healing but he was so excited he just kept spinning his arm around.  I suspect the surgery will be canceled.

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