Emotional and Sciatic Healing

A woman asked for prayer for lower back, hip, and leg sciatica pain that had started about 6 months before. During the interview, she said that starting about 3 years before (and continuing to the current time) she had many challenges in her life and the life of her family. 5 family members had died including her husband, her daughter was very ill, and the was much conflict resulting from all of this. I prayed emotional healing for her and commanded curses and spirits of affliction to be broken over her and her daughter (and family). During the prayer the Holy Spirit was touching her, and gentle tears flowed. I then prayed for her sciatica, and she said the pain had left. God was still touching her, so I asked if she would like continued blessing and prayer to which she readily agreed. She stood and soaked in His presence as I continued quietly praying (and another team member came and prayed silently), and the Holy Spirit continued healing her emotionally for another 6-7 minutes as she had 3-4 waves of crying and soft joy. She was very, very thankful when we concluded. -Ben, Global Student

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