Emotional Healing Brings Father’s Blessing

I was done praying for people when one of the translators came to chat. He said that his English wasn’t too good so we went to find someone to help us. At first, I was just chatting with him before I prayed for him. I just ask him if his father was around. I was just releasing what The Lord had put on my heart for him, and he began to cry. 

Ed, one of the Global team, came as a catcher in the event that he would fall. When the guy fell, Ed was about to leave but I asked him to stay around because this guy was going to need a father’s blessing. While the guy was on the floor, we could see that he had a lot of frustration. He had his hands closed like someone who had a lot of anger. So we encouraged him to give his anger, his pain and his frustration to God and to speak to God about all his feelings for his dad. We prayed that he would forgive his dad and prayed healing over his heart. At this point, he was released in great peace. We prayed The Lord would reveal Himself to him and show him who he was to God. We saw that he was having a vision. He put his arms around himself as if he was holding somebody in his arms. He had a big smile. We were watching him having an encounter with his father and it was beautiful.

Ed came to him, spoke a father’s blessing over him, took him into his arms and held him. They cried together like a father and a son who have met for the first time. Ed told the guy how proud he was of him and how much he loved him. The guy passed out in his arms like he was a baby who fell asleep in his papa’s arms. Ed placed him on the ground and he began having another vision. As we watched, we saw him reach in the air with his hands. He had a big smile. Later he told us he was seeing lights, bright lights in the air. This moment was so delightful that the girl who was translating start crying.

After we helped him get up and prophesied over him, he was so happy and excited that he started to run and then came back. He was free and so happy.

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