Emotional Healing Comes to Isabella after Word of Knowledge

At the Igreja Da Cidade Church, Randy Clark asked us to release a word of knowledge. The Lord gave me the name “Isabella” who needed emotional healing. 

After praying for a few people, a young woman around 24 years old came up and said, “I believe you called my name. My name is Isabella.” I hugged her and shared that God has a great plan and a future for her. And that He saw her heart And that lately she had been feeling very sad and depressed, but Jesus wanted to renew her and that there is so much joy awaiting. I shared that out the 10,000 people in the service, God called her out specifically! I even shared with her that she had a passion for dancing and that God was watching her. She was very emotional and felt more loved than ever. She felt the heaviness leave her and still was in such shock that Jesus would call her out from all those people and knows every desire and pain in her heart. – Edinor Ann Calaycay (Assistant Restaurant General Manager)

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