Emotional Healing for a Young Woman

As we were in U.K. there was a young lady who came up for prayer.  She stated that she needed breakthrough in her mind.  Over the last several years she had been battling with depression.  While I was praying for her, with my eyes open,  I spoke some encouraging words over her and she started to cry.  I felt an impression that somehow this depression was connected to unforgiveness.

I asked her if there is anyone in her life that she needs to forgive or that she is holding a grudge against.  She stated that her father had been abusive in the past and she holds some resentment and anger towards him, even to this day.  We went through a prayer for forgiveness and broke any anger, bitterness and resentment over her life.  After our prayer time she felt a relief.  Praise God for that word of knowledge in helping to bring healing to the broken hearted.


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