Emotional Healing Makes the Way for Physical Healing to Take Place

On a weekend outreach, a woman who had been abandoned by four different husbands with her children was cooking and serving us that weekend. She was part of the leadership team with a pastor who invited us there for the weekend. She asked us to pray for her abdomen and her back.

As we prayed for her, it became apparent she had pain that needed to be released from emotional wounds. She was able to release these emotions and forgive those who harmed her. While praying, another team member heard Holy Spirit say that there was need for deliverance of three different demons. As we prayed, the demons were cast out and she was filled with Holy Spirit. She had no more abdominal pain and her back continued to heal. We prayed for her to receive God’s emotional support (back pain is often a result of not feeling supported emotionally.) After praying again her back pain reduced and was sent away from a 7 to 0 in pain level. She looked different in her before and after picture and appeared joyful. There were four of us praying with her.

Amanda, Consultant

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