Emotional Issues Healed

A middle aged woman with pain near heart and a headache had this pain for 2 days. I prayed for her heart first, and she said pain in heart was gone. I prayed for her headache and she said the pain was completely gone in both heart and head. Another middle age lady had a headache for a long time. I prayed for her and she said she was completely healed. I said begin to praise Jesus; she began to praise Him and fell out. 

A young woman came up and asked for prayer and I began to pray for her and she began to cry. She had some emotional issues and I prayed over that too. She said pain was gone and she cried awhile and I told her to continue praising Jesus. A young woman with pain in her right leg for about 7 months wanted prayer. I prayed for healing and she said the minute I started to pray the leg started to tingle and the pain was gone. After all this happened, the person who was translating for me wanted prayer for nearsightedness. She also had a stigmatism. I began to pray for her and she burst into tears but she was still nearsighted after prayer. I felt this was an emotional thing that was going on with her and I began to pray about it. She fell to the floor and cried for some time. She was being changed and would never be the same. She was healed of something emotionally. – Megan

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