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Emotional Pain Lifted By a Dream

Woman wanted healing for emotional/mental pain. She was weeping. I wasn’t getting any clear leading I could discern, so I prayed for depression to break off. I blessed her with peace. I encouraged her to keep looking up as she only felt a bit better when she walked away. These requests are some of the hardest for me, emotional pain is so awful. The next day she approached me asking if she could hug me. I said of course! She embraced me for a while. I then asked how she was doing. She told me she had a dream last night with me in it. I was playing with her in a garden. When she woke up in the morning she was 100% better. I was so happy for her. Since I learned dream interpretation, I was able to tell her I represented the Holy Spirit. The Spirit chose to heal her with a light, fun and playful frolic to lift off the heaviness. We hugged several more times as we celebrated her healing. What a privilege to be used in healing! So life-giving to all involved. Also a great encouragement in that we never know when people walk away what happens that night, the next day and beyond. It’s not over, ‘til it’s over!
Shannon, Tennis Teaching Professional

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