Stress Relieved & Physical Healing Comes

Tom Jones had set up three chairs at the front of the sanctuary for people to come for prayer during worship. Team members went to pray for whoever sat down. Linell and I prayed for Carol who told us she needed prayer for stress.

She would eat and within a short time have diarrhea. She and her husband had moved 25 times in 28 years of marriage and were about the move again. She was extremely stressed out. We commanded stress to go in the name of Jesus and asked for peace to come in. We prayed a calming of the gut and stomach. When we stopped to ask how she was doing she said she didn’t notice anything happening. We continued to command stress to go, for peace to dwell in her. We checked again how she was doing and still not much was going on. Since Tom was teaching we decided to hold off doing anything more and asked her to look us up at the end of the service and we would pray some more.

When we met with her at the end of the service, we decided to ask more probing questions. In the course of the conversation we found out she had always been sickly. When she was born the birthing was so traumatic that she was black and blue over one half of her body. Her father said she looked like a skinned rabbit. So we prayed into this and she forgave the doctors and anyone involved in the birthing process, even her father. Then she mentioned her uncle would go to a spiritualist for prayer for her and then he would come, lay hands on her and pray for her. So we prayed against the spirit that had been transferred to her, having her forgive her uncle, ask the Father for forgiveness and renounce spiritualism. We asked how she was doing and said it felt like things were moving around in her abdomen. We took this as a positive thing and continued to pray. At some point she told us that there were issues between her and her husband. So we began to pray into this having her forgive her husband. Once she had done this we prayed for peace again to enter her body, soul and spirit. We had also prayed about several other issues and finally felt the task was done. When we asked how she was doing she said she felt so much better – at least 80 percent. Her whole countenance was changed and you could see peace on her face.

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