Emotionally Healed

I gave a word of knowledge: a woman’s right breast with burning or pain and a young woman came up for it. The translator had not actually said right breast he said pain in breasts so it was great that she had exactly what I saw, the right breast with burning. She also had family issues, a very critical mother. She had some breast surgery. The burning had come on and off for a few years. I felt that the emotional side was probably related so we did that first. I gave her scriptures that came to mind – Jeremiah, where God said I will make you a wall – people’s words like arrows would hit the wall and fall without penetrating – and also in Exodus where God came like a wall of fire to protect the Jews from the Egyptian army while they waited for the waters to part.

Then I got her to forgive her mother and pray blessing over her. Then I said God forgives her for all her sin – is there anything she felt she needed to forgive herself for. She said, “Yes, that she was sexually abused”. I told her it was not her fault and that Jesus took her shame. She cried and I asked what she was feeling. She said fear. I asked, “What of?” She said, “She didn’t know.” I asked her to close her eyes and picture herself handing over her fear to God, then to picture God giving her something in return. What was He giving her? A flower. What did it mean? What was God saying to her? She said that it was not a real flower but a shape like a flower and it meant that He was giving her somewhere where she fitted, belonged. Then I prayed for the breast. It is a sensation that comes and goes so she could not say if it was healed but she definitely received emotional healing. – Patricia

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