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Dayton, Ohio

Love Dayton

Love Dayton Is

A Vision

A vision to bring about lasting change to an entire city through a display of God’s power, kindness, and love helaing many and leading multitudes to repentance and reconciliation.

A Hope

A hope that a host of believers throughout the Dayton area will catch the vision, catalyzing an interdenominational movement to help facilitate the evangelistic crusades and community outreaches.

A Call

A call to action to the community, for the community. A call to love your neighbor as yourself. A call to all Christians who are willing to stand, shoulder to shoulder, with those who are looking to advance the Kingdom of God and exalt the name of Jesus.




DAY Volunteer Orientation and Training
Volunteers check in to receive their Love Dayton shirts and orientation packets upon arrival. Each volunteer will then meet with their group assignment for specific instructions. In the afternoon all volunteer teams will meet for a time of training and equipping.


DAY City Outreach • NIGHT Block Party
During the day teams will take to the streets to distribute goods, crusade promotional information, and participate in street power evangelism. 


DAY City Outreach • NIGHT Evangelistic Campaign
Teams continue their street ministry and distributions throughout Dayton. In the evening we kick off the first of two crusades inside the Dayton Convention Center. In addition to praying with altar call respondents the ministry teams will be assembled for pre and post crusade ministry.


DAY City Block Party • NIGHT Evangelistic Campaign
We'll host city wide block party in the heart of Dayton. In the evening the final crusade takes place.


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Event Location

Dayton Convention Center

22 East 5th Street, Dayton, OH 45402, USA

Terms and Conditions

If group discounts are available, all group members must register at one time. If a group discount is not listed, there is not one for that event. Children 12 and under may attend conferences without registration provided they stay with a guardian. Unless otherwise noted, childcare is not provided. All registrations are final. Refunds are processed for those with medical emergencies only.  There is a $25 cancellation fee for refunds. By attending this event you consent to any photographs or video footage that may be taken for promotional purpose.