Pressing Forward

Voice of the Prophets 2020 is transforming.
Don’t stop now. The Spirit is on the move.
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Change is good when God’s in it.
Exclusive new messages from prophets to connect you with what the Spirit is saying to the Church.
Spirit-led worship from Steve Swanson, including the debut of brand new worship songs.
All online & on-demand. Releasing in June with the launch of the all-new Global On Demand.

How it works

Due to travel restrictions and other factors, we knew we were going to have to do something new with Voice of the Prophets 2020 (VOP), but we didn’t want to just cancel it.

So instead we’ve crafted a digital package which will connect you with the messages and worship of VOP, plus a whole lot more.

Global On Demand, our video streaming service, is relaunching in June. We’re working on native apps for iOS, Android, Roku, and AppleTV, and we are producing exciting new content just for subscribers. VOP 2020 will be the featured content for the launch of the all-new Global On Demand.

If you want VOP, subscribe to Global On Demand.

If you opt for the annual subscription ($99), you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kim Maas’ new book Prophetic Community (while supplies last). Our staff will contact you separately to get your mailing address for the book.

This is in your favor! For less than the cost of one ticket to VOP, you’ll be getting the content of VOP plus all our previous conferences, all our upcoming conferences, live viewing of all our broadcasts, sessions from our school of ministry, worship moments, interviews, and our upcoming exclusive new content.

Releasing in June 2020.

You can go ahead and subscribe now! We’ve got a ton of content already on Global On Demand. You’ll get VOP on June 15 when it releases, and you’ll get all our upcoming conferences as well, as soon as they air (no more delays!).

Remember: if you subscribe now for the annual $99 price, you’ll get a copy of Kim Maas’ new book. Our staff will contact you later in the month to get your mailing address for book delivery.

photo of Randy Clark
God is really on this digital ministry model. We’re seeing people healed and activated every week through our broadcasts, so I’m anticipating the new Global On Demand to become a key part of our ministry moving forward.” — Randy Clark

The VOP Release Will Feature:

photograph of Dr. Randy Clark

Randy Clark

Global Awakening
photograph of Patricia King

Patricia King

Patricia King Ministries
photograph of Dr. Kim Maas

Kim Maas

Kim Maas Ministries
photograph of Larry Randolph

Larry Randolph

Living Rain Ministries
photograph of Bob Hazlett

Bob Hazlett

Ascend Ministries
photograph of Justin Allen

Justin Allen

Global Awakening
photograph of Charity Cook

Charity Cook

Global Awakening
photograph of Brian Starley

Brian Starley

Global Awakening
photograph of Steve Swanson

Steve Swanson

Friends of the Bridegroom Worship Ministry
Let’s recap what’s happening to VOP and how it relates to Global On Demand.
  • There is no in-person option for Voice of the Prophets 2020.
  • VOP is now a digital video package, and is only available on Global On Demand.
  • Global On Demand is relaunching. We no longer have “First Access Packages.” Now, all subscribers get all the content without any delay. In addition, we are launching new native apps for iOS, Android, AppleTV, and Roku.
  • To watch VOP, you must subscribe to Global On Demand. VOP is not a “webcast.” It is not live. Rather, we are releasing all the speakers and worship for VOP on June 15 to all subscribers. Think of it like a new television series being released all at once.
  • You can subscribe to Global On Demand for $9.99 per month or $99 per year. If you pay for a new annual subscription starting now, until the end of June, you will also receive a complimentary copy of Kim Maas’ new book. The Events staff will contact you later in the month to get your mailing address for the book.
  • VOP is just one small piece of what Global On Demand already offers. When you subscribe, you get to watch all our previous conferences, behind-the-scenes interviews, Q&A sessions, featured content from our schools (including our course “How to Raise the Dead”), and new series that we are working on for the future. You. get to watch everything live, and you get all on-demand content right away. Watch on your TV with a Roku or AppleTV, or on any mobile device that runs iOS or Android. You can also use the website if you prefer.