Extreme Pain in a Woman’s Side Leaves after Prayer and Affirmation

On the second day of the Global Awakening outreach visit to the village, the prayer team had finished its door to door outreach and was heading back to its base at the home of the chief. A woman called out to the team and asked us to please come and pray for her sick mother. We said, “Sorry, we can’t, we’re out of time. But be sure to come to the Jesus movie tonight, and bring her.” She would not accept our no, but insisted over and over that we must come… now! With some more urging, we argued and made a detour. The sick woman was lying on her side on a mat outside. We interviewed her and learned that she had an extreme pain on her left side that had started that day. We prayed for her for maybe three minutes.

Lynn, one of the mission team leaders began to speak truth over her. She told her she did not deserve this and that the things that people had said about her were not true. A change came over her face. She smiled and said the pain was completely gone. After praying a blessing over her, we headed back to our meeting point and arrived right on time.


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