Faith is Built as a Leg Grows Out

Tonight a translator named Ester sat next to me during worship and the sermon at Central Baptist Church. Rodney was teaching and at the beginning he mentioned a man having one leg six inches shorter than the other grow out to equal length. I leaned over to Ester and said, “I haven’t seen a leg grow 6 inches, but I have seen one grow 1/2 inch.”

When the prayer ministry started, Ester stayed with me as a translator. The third person that we were praying for was a woman with lower back pain. So through Ester, I asked the woman to sit in a chair and I had Ester check the lengths of her legs to see if they were of equal length.

I remember watching how Ester did that and thinking, “She seems to know what she’s doing even though she hasn’t prayed like this before.” The left leg was about 1/4 inch shorter than the right. So I invited Ester to keep her eyes on the woman’s feet and pray for the left leg to grow out even with the right in the name of Jesus.

As Ester prayed, I saw the leg jerk. I then asked Ester what she saw. She gets a big smile on her face as she looks at me and said, “The legs are even now.” And then the woman began running her hand up and down her leg saying she felt it move out. I asked the woman to stand and test her back. She had no pain.

Then Ester turned to me and said that she didn’t believe me when I told her I had seen a leg grow out before, but now she does believe it!

The next day I found out that Ester was in her first year of medical school to become a doctor which explains why she knew how to compare the legs so well. She is looking forward now to being able to incorporate healing prayer into her future medical practice.

Brian M, Pastor

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