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Family Healed of Back Pain!

Rauna came up for prayer for depression and back issues which she had had for 10 years. We prayed and she felt peace. I explained that I have been healed of depression. Jesus said in John 8, “Freely you have received, freely give”.

She received healing for depression with Holy Spirit sent sense of peace. She must sit for a while to know if her back was healed.

Her father Louis also had back pain for 30 years. It came from his job. We prayed and commanded healing, wholeness, and health. He felt better. We prayed again. He said his range of motion was better. We prayed again, and he could almost touch the floor. We prayed again for tightness to go and he declared he was healed.

Her mother was being prayed for next door for back issues also. The mother and father were healed and the daughter expectantly healed. I prayed a blessing over the whole family – Annette

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