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Family Touched by Hand of God

I got a word of knowledge from the stage regarding a father of a family suffering with leukemia. When ministry time began, I had already felt that I wanted to pray for a young bald woman and the elderly woman next to her.

(I guessed it was mother and daughter.) I looked for them and right in front of me the young woman tried to make eye contact with me and they both quickly tried to make their way towards me. I am here to see cancer patients healed when I pray and I believed she had cancer. I presented myself and we exchanged names. Gabriella, the daughter, had been very sick for three years, the result of a weakened immune system. She was very susceptible to all kinds of sickness. She had been hospitalized a lot and the doctors gave her very severe treatments that really had helped a lot but also had destroyed her hair growth. I commanded the immune system to be totally healed. I asked if Gabriella felt heat, peace or electricity. She nodded happily. I told her it was a good sign that the Holy Spirit was at work. She seemed to know that. I felt lots of power go through me into her. I saw a picture of her as Pocahontas rowing in the front of a canoe, steering through the jungle. I received words for her that she was a leader and a pioneer for young people in the Kingdom of God by going in front breaking loose the Kingdom of God. She just cried very much and so did her mom. I then commanded the hair to start growing. She was very, very grateful.

Then the mother Christina wanted prayer for her hands. She had some nerves infected in both palms. She could not bend her thumbs or grasp with her hands. It´s was very painful for her to try to move her fingers or to use her hands for anything. She could do no house duties at home. The doctor had told her to wear strong support gloves eight hours a day to protect her hands. I touched her gloved palms very carefully and commanded the infection and the pain to leave. I prayed a number of times. She checked out the mobility of her hands in between every prayer. At first the pain on a 0 to 10 scale was a 10. But through the prayers it went down to a 2 (0 being no pain).

Then Christina asked for prayer for depression. The depression was a result of her daughter´s illness and her step-father’s stomach cancer during the last three months. He was only 62 and they loved him dearly. He had had a very big operation and was now going through chemo. We called him on Gabriella´s cell phone. The grandma there put the loud speaker on, and I commanded the cancer to leave. I asked through Gabriella if he could feel heat, peace or electricity. He was feeling that. We then lost connection.

We prayed for Christina´s depression. I asked her to repent from her fear and depression and to hand it all over to Jesus. She saw with the eyes of her heart how she pulled out big dark stuff from her chest and stomach; how she held it in her hands and handed it over to Jesus that she saw standing in front of her. She saw how Jesus made it disappear. I then prayed that hope and confidence would fill out all the places in her where this darkness had been before. I told her to use the same procedure of handing it over to Jesus in case it would try to come back.

I then prayed for her palms again. After this prayer Christina was able to bend her thumb nearly all the way in. We prayed again. After that Christina could bend both thumbs and close both hands with no pain at all. We all got so very excited. Gabriella and I exchanged mail addresses, so they could tell me about how it would go with her hair and about her mother´s step-father.


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