February Colombia 2020 Trip Report

Most of the team arrived on Monday night the 24th of February, greeted at the airport by Trip Director Pat Bock and a local missionary from 911 Life who was very welcoming. On our way to the hotel the local missionary gave us some stats about the city of Medellin, Colombia. When we got to the hotel, we were briefed of the following day’s events. (Pat gave instructions each night for the following day.) Our team of 16 people was divided into two groups, Team A and Team B. I was on Team B. The hotel staff was wonderful and our room very nice and clean. Hot breakfast buffet was served every morning, and provisions were made for those with food allergies and vegetarians.

Day 1 Our group went to 911 Life and were given instructions from one of the missionaries about the culture of Medellin. 911 Life led worship and released an impartation of love to everyone. The Founding Pastor of 911 Life demonstrated God’s love through both testimonies and Scripture of how God changed their lives by love. We were served a delicious Colombian lunch and then joined a team from Bethel/Atlanta. The teams prophesied over and encouraged one another. Together we went to a local church and worshiped, then we walked to “the Bronx” for outreach. Many of us had never seen anything like what we saw that day:  drugs, prostitution, alcoholism and homelessness plagued the streets. Both groups ministered and prayed for people. We felt we impacted this place of darkness.

Day 2 Together with the Bethel group, we travelled to Christ For the Nations (CFTN). There we teamed up for treasure hunts with the students, mostly pastor’s kids and those seeking to get into ministry. One of our team members saw soccer players and asked how she could pray for them. Of course many had knee and leg injuries. Three team members prayed with six guys and all received healing. They also accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Back at CFTN we shared testimonies of what happened on our treasure hunt. In the afternoon, everyone went back to their hotel except some members of my team who wanted to do more treasure hunting. I gave words of knowledge and prophesied to three people while my team members prayed for three people who all received healing and deliverance.

Day 3 Our group went back to CFTN with Justin Allen, where he preached and prophesied over a few of the students. The Global team also prayed and gave prophetic words to the CFTN students. They were in tears as we blessed them with words of knowledge and the prophetic. In the afternoon, we visited Viento Fresco Foundation for children. There we spent time in worship, received an impartation, and the pastor and his wife individually gave words of knowledge to everyone. At night our group went with Charity Cook to Caldes Church. Charity preached on healing, and team members gave words of knowledge from the stage. Many received miraculous healing, salvations, rededications, prophetic words and inner healing. We saw God move powerfully that evening. The pastor and his wife were wonderful to us as a group.

Day 4 Eight of us went to the men’s prison to pray and give an impartation to the leaders of the bible institute in the prison. One teammate received a beautiful picture and scarf from two prisoners. Many inmates received physical and inner healing that morning. In the afternoon Team A and B got together and ministered, prayed, and prophesied to the kids at Viento Fresco Foundation. I prayed with 12 kids, and they all accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord! At night there was praise and worship at 911 Life. Bethel, Global, and 911 Life saw many healings and gave many prophetic words that night. We also had a fire tunnel for all to go through.

Day 5 Everyone went to CFTN to pray and minister to the students there. Many were blasted by the Holy Spirit and received healing and a fresh impartation. At the end of the session, two team members were praying for a woman who had pain in her hips and ankles. The pain went from 10 to 5, so they kept praying but nothing was happening. I asked if she needed to forgive anyone, to which she replied “mucho” meaning many. So she forgave and was completely healed. She cried as she hugged her son and us. In the evening, we were at another church in their healing rooms and saw 2 tumors completely disappear. Many again were delivered from emotional and physical illnesses and some received salvation.

Day 6 Team A went with Charity Cook and Team B went with Justin Allen. The fire of God moved at the El Camino church with Justin. Our team prayed for many who were physically and emotionally healed. In the afternoon the full team went to a scenic outlook (Cerro Nutibara) where we took communion. Then we did some shopping. Pat Bock, 911 Life, and our group went out to dinner where we said our goodbyes. Around 8pm, Justin and Charity prayed for each of us.

Conclusion: This trip impacted me powerfully.  From the worship to the impartations to the supernatural manifestations, to the soft-hearted and affectionate Colombians, none of us will ever be the same. If given the opportunity I will go on another mission’s trip with Global Awakening.

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