Foot Frozen in Flex Position Totally Restored!!

I was near Gina who was told to find another woman join her to soak someone in prayer during worship and the sermon.  I asked if my daughters could join us because I sensed that I had had heard about the woman for whom we would be praying. 

We gathered in a separate room and discovered we would be praying for was Vanessa, the Brazilian dancer whose testimony of healing was shared with Sophia, my daughter, in September.  Sophia, also a dancer, fractured her fibula one month before the trip. Vanessa’s story increased our faith to pray for Sophia’s healing which was greatly accelerated.  How amazing that out of all the people there, we were able to meet and pray with this woman who was a hero and inspiration for us to pray for Sophia’s healing.   

Several years ago Vanessa was in a motorcycle accident that literally left a huge hole just above the ankle. The remaining tendons were wrapped around the muscles. She came to a revival service with Global Awakening in 2011 as a last resort because they were going to amputate her leg to remove the infection. The infection was healed and she was restored enough to be able to dance a year later at a revival service.  She told us she still had terrible scars and stiffness.  Her foot was frozen in the flexed position (as if she was always in high heels.)  She could not walk with her heel on the ground. She reported that the only time she was not in pain was when she was dancing. That night she sat down in a chair and we began praying for more healing.  Her ankle started voluntarily moving and she said it had not moved like this since the accident.  We continued commanding her body to do all sorts of important things.  It was fun to have a physical therapist and exercise physiologist/dance teacher specifically asking for all sorts of physical changes. 

Someone sensed the Lord saying to kiss her foot at the site of the scars, a perception which was confirmed by others. We all felt the Lord’s presence powerfully.  Vanessa’s countenance softened and she said she felt so loved by her heavenly Father. Then we asked her to go before the throne of grace as a daughter of the King and tell him what she wanted.  She prayed a precious prayer acknowledging that God took away her shame and guilt about her accident and she knew she was a princess loved by Him. Someone cast out a spirit of trauma.  Another helped her receive the Lord’s forgiveness related to the events of the accident. Many of the intercessors added their kisses to the scars.  By the end of the night she was able to walk and feel the cold, hard floor because her heel was touching the floor.  She danced again at the end of the service. Our team (with people from Australia, Singapore, Texas, Tanzania, Brazil, California and Virginia) united in purpose and spirit to see God bring His Fatherly love and healing power to this precious sister in Christ.  What a delight it was to hear how she was launched into praying with the team in the nights to follow!  

As a footnote: On the last night of the trip, four of us on that intercession team were in the same service with Vanessa watching her dance in praise to our Lord during worship. – Lisa 

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