Forgiveness Becomes the Gateway to Healing

I prayed for a lady who had pain in her lower abdomen. On a scale from 1-10, her pain was normally at a 10, but was down to an 8 because she took medicine before the service.  I prayed for her and she said she felt no difference, so I asked her to ask Holy Spirit why the pain was there.  I had her ask out loud. She shook her head like she didn’t hear anything.  I heard at that moment that it was tied to unforgiveness, so I asked her to pray and ask God who she needs to forgive.  Her husband was there and she acted like she didn’t want to say the name, so I said repeat after me “I forgive … person …  and I take the hurt he or she has caused me and give it to you Jesus.“  I told her to keep doing the same thing until everybody who came to her mind was forgiven. Five minutes later she came up and said it’s gone! All of the pain is gone!

Hank, Retired Engineer 

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