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Forgiveness Sets Young Woman Free

A young girl asked us to pray for emotional healing and said that it was something she had felt for a long time. I asked her if there was someone she needed to forgive and she tearfully said yes. 

I explained to her that unforgiveness blocks healing and it hurts the person holding onto it. I asked her if she wanted to forgive them and she said yes and started crying. Healing sprang forth. We spoke freedom over her and told her forgiving is a choice that she needs to make for her benefit. We also prayed for another young girl for emotional issues that had bad thoughts in her head. We prayed for clarity of mind and commanded the thoughts to leave and not return. We spoke over her heart that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit, that she would know that she is a princess in God’s eyes and a powerful woman of God. I also prayed that God would pour out His healing love all over her and that she would know how much God loves her. She was free of her emotional pain. – No Name Given

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