Forgiveness Brings Healing to Left Shoulder

I prayed for a woman who said she had pain in her upper left shoulder. It improved after I commanded it to go in Jesus’ name. Upon questioning she said her shoulder was better, but it hurt under her arm close to the arm pit. I asked if the pain had moved from her shoulder to her arm, but she said no, she had also had pain there. She just hadn’t described the pain affecting that area when I first interviewed her. So I asked her if there was anyone who had hurt her that she might need to forgive and she immediately began to tear up. Her husband of 32 years had recently left her. 

She forgave him and her pain was totally gone when she moved her shoulder and arm. She then said she still had numbness in her fingers, which she had not previously mentioned as being involved in the shoulder/upper arm pain. I prayed commanding alignment of her spinal column and all the nerves involved and for inflammation to be gone. Her face told me before I asked that she was completely healed of the pain and numbness that had plagued her. She felt much ‘lighter’ having forgiven her husband and felt stronger in her faith.

I had a man come forward because of pain in the upper left shoulder this same evening. I began to wonder if it was the “Left Shoulder Healing Day!” I carefully asked him where all it hurt and he then pointed to his shoulder, upper arm and down into his elbow. I prayed commanding the pain to go and for healing in Jesus’ name. He said it had improved, but still hurt. I encouraged him not to just be nice to me and he assured me he wasn’t. Then I asked if there was anyone he needed to forgive and he quickly identified a situation. I led him through a short prayer of forgiveness, placing the person into the hands of Jesus and blessing them. Then he tested his arm and shoulder and it was completely healed!- Rhoda


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