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Forgiveness Brings Healing to Muscles in Woman’s Body

A lady with muscle problems came for prayer. The muscles of her body could not operate together. She could not raise her arms, move her back or walk without pain.

I started praying and I heard “Words of death” in my ear and asked her if that meant something. She started crying and said, “Yes”, that her grandma had spoken words of death over her. I started praying again and I heard, “She needs to forgive her”. I asked her if she would forgive her grandmother and she was crying even more so we prayed for her to release her grandma. Then I heard, “I want her grandma for me”, so I asked the lady about this and she said that her grandma was not a believer. We prayed for salvation for the grandmother. After we declared that, she could move her body 70% better than before. God is so good! – Manilena, Student

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