Forgiveness Brings Joy

A lady by the name of Lorna came to Mary and me for prayer for her friend who had cancer. We prayed for him with her standing in faith and afterwards asked her if there was anything we could pray in particular for her.

She mentioned that she was angry with her son and had unforgiveness towards him. We asked if she would like to forgive him and she said yes. We encouraged her to pray a prayer of forgiveness. When she had done this, we started to pray for the Holy Spirit to come and minister to her heart and heal the brokenness that had been created by the pain of her son’s actions. She started to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and had an encounter where she ended up on the floor. Mary also prayed for healing hands. At the end of praying for her, she was laughing in the Spirit, so lifted up and happy. She had completely changed. Her joy had been restored.

The next day she came up to Mary and me and said that she had texted her son and told him that she forgave him for anything he had done to hurt her. Lorna also told Mary that after she had prayed “healing in her hands” that she had felt encouraged to go that morning and pray for a woman from Christ Church Peckham who had been bedridden for fifteen years. We don’t know if the member was healed but Lorna excited about being able to pray for this woman because of the word about healing hands.

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